Explanation of Embroidery Pricing

It is a common misconception that using an embroidery machine to embroider out designs is as easy as clicking a button and walking away. While an embroidery machine can create a design in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand, it is still a time consuming process that involves many manual steps. It can also be a costly process as it requires different types of stabilizers, needles, thread, the designs themselves, special hardware and/or software to download designs, and occasional maintenance of the machine.

Below is the process we follow when embroidering out a design.

Celtic Ceilidh

  • 9 colors

  • 23 thread changes

  • 57 minutes actual embroidery time (does not include any manual steps such as hooping the fabric, changing threads, cutting jump threads etc)

  • 25,708 stitches

  • 3.81 x 3.54 inches

  • $20.00

Preliminary Steps:

  1. Download design onto embroidery card

  2. Select thread colors to be used

  3. Wind and load the bobbin (usually 2 bobbins are needed for large designs)

  4. Select appropriate stabilizers for fabric being embroidered (usually involves multiple pieces of 1 type for below the fabric and another type on top of the fabric)

  5. Mark location of design on fabric so it is nicely centered

  6. Hoop the stabilizers and fabric

  7. Put embroidery card into the machine and lock the hoop in place

  8. Adjust the settings for the design (design placement, rotate, enlarge, increase/decrease thread density etc)

  9. Thread the machine with the first color

  10. Begin embroidering

Large designs must be watched as they embroider out to make sure the thread or needle doesn?t break, the bobbin thread doesn?t run out, the fabric is not puckering, and the density of the stitches is accurate. For the Celtic Ceilidh, this means staying next to the machine for over an hour in case any problems arise, being there to promptly change the thread colors, and reload the bobbin if necessary.

The following steps are completed once the design has finished embroidering:

  1. Unhoop the fabric

  2. Cut or tear away any excess stabilizers

  3. Snip all jump threads (These are the threads left on top of the design when the machine jumps from one area to another during the embroidering process. If the design has a lot of jump threads this step alone could take 10-15 minutes and must be done carefully to avoid snipping any of the threads on the actual design)

Due to the amount of work and supplies involved in embroidering, we have priced our designs using the embroidery industry standard of $1.00 per 1000 stitches as a guide. The prices are as follows:

5,000 stitches or less - $5.00

6,000-20,000 stitches - $1.00 per 1000 stitches

Over 20,000 stitches - $20.00

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